Madrone Studios
Hololens Augmented Reality Experience

I designed and developed an augmented reality experience for First Round Capital for a unique event located at The Village, this experience was developed in the Unity3D game engine.

  • I developed an algorithm that aligns a retopologized clean 3D model of various rooms inside the venue building to the Hololens spatial mapping.

  • This technique allows artists and programmers to easily pose 3D models and interactables throughout a physical room in Autodesk Maya or Unity3D.

  • This technique accurately aligns room models within centimeters of the spatial mapping.

  • I implemented an occlusion technique to occlude virtual objects with physical structures.

  • In this experience, fish would spawn in the room and swim around physical columns in the venue.

  • Using school/flocking algorithms, the fish could swim and realistically avoid objects.

  • Players could grow their school by feeding the fish using Hololens gestures.

  • A shark would spawn at random physical locations in the venue and attempt to eat the fish.

  • A giant octopus was modeled, animated and placed inside the room with it’s arms accurately wrapping around physical objects.

MUSE app for iOS and Android

I designed and directed the development of a cross platform app that delivered a event ticketing service, this service was dedicated to a special event series called MUSE.

  • This app was developed for both iOS and Android.

  • An API backend was implemented in Node.js and hosted on Google Compute Servers.

  • The databases were implemented in MySQL and hosted on Google Compute Servers.

  • I curated, interviewed and hired an iOS developer and a full stack developer to delegate work to, and I distributed tasks to each of them throughout the project.

  • While directing development, I developed the Android version of the app, but also helped implemented features on both iOS and the API server, this includes implementing new API endpoints and frontend UI in Swift.

  • I choose Stripe and tasked the developers to implement an interface to the Stripe API both on the frontend and backend

  • I setup development, testing and production environments and databases for testing and deployment.

Recursion Cube

I directed the manufacturing of a 2ft^3 box embedded with LED’s with one way mirrors facing inward, the purpose of this project was to produce a recursive illusion decorated with Neopixels.

LED Text Scrollers

I designed and directed the manufactoring of 5 LED text scrollers to be used at Google GDC party 2017.

  • Initially, I designed the LED scrollers in Solidworks to visualize and determine the measurements.

  • Staff and I collaborated to determine the parts list and software requirements.

  • Each scroller has 1,500 Neopixel LEDs and driven by a single Arduino.

  • Both the Arduino and LEDs are powered by a 150 Watt power supply.

  • Staff and I worked together to fabricate, solder, wire and program the scrollers.

Wireless Music System

Using cluster of 8 Raspberry Pis, I implemented a wireless speaker system for Google GDC party 2017.

  • All 8 Raspberry Pis connected to a server that distributed the audio.

  • I wrote bash scripts to execute commands from the server onto each Pi in the cluster with a single command.

  • Each Pi connected to an internal network via wifi.

  • Each Pi was mounted with a amplifier header to improve audio quality and magnitude.

  • Music could be distributed from the server at 320kps with minimal latency.

  • Icecast2 was integrated onto the server to distribute the audio.

  • Ices2 was integrated on each Pi in the cluster to receive the audio.