Beaudry Interactive
OpenGL Programmer

I was contracted to develop an OpenGL C++ application that interfaces between the Zed stereo camera and the Spout framework. The Zed stereo camera is an improved alternative to the Microsoft Kinect camera. My tool allows artists to simply connect the Zed camera, and pipe the textures to the application of their choice. Artists can configure my application to export various texture maps at a range of resolutions and frame rates. My application is capable of exporting color, anaglyph, depth, disparity and confidence maps.

  • I used GLFW for win32 windows context.

  • I integrated GLEW for OpenGL extension wrangling.

  • I used CUDA interop to pipe textures from CUDA context to the OpenGL Spout context.

Research and Development

I was contracted to devise a method of streaming video from an Android tablet to Max 7 for an augmented reality application, the purpose was to offload heavy image processing onto a dedicated render server.

  • I implemented the h264 RTP specification from scratch in Java to pack pixels captured by the camera into network packets, the specification was confirmed using Wireshark.

  • In C, I implemented a Max 7 Jitter plugin to receive and decode the RTP packets using FFmpeg such that I could draw and use the texture inside Max.