Unity Technologies Inc
Senior Software Engineer Consultant

Scoping, proposing and developing custom solutions for Unity's clients and partners.

Mousetrappe Inc
Senior Unity Engineer (B2B)
2020 1 Month

Leveraged ARKit to develop a facetracking prototype for internal R&D.

Polypulse LLC
2020 2 Month

Developed a  C++/Blueprints open source lens calibration plugin for Unreal Engine solution for use in virtual production.

Dot Dot Dash
Senior Unity Engineer (B2B)
2020 2 Weeks

Developed a experiential iOS app demonstrating a new product line of shoes.

Dreamcraft Attractions Inc
Senior Unreal Engineer (B2B)
2019-2020 4 Months

Developed  structured light automatic projector alignment plugin in Unreal Engine using C++.

Dot Dot Dash
Senior Unity Engineer (B2B)
2019 1 Month

Designed and developed an augmented reality application using Unity, ARKit and iOS to deliver an augmented reality experience. In this experience water would fill the room with water leaving the player underwater, the player would then need to collect a bunch of objects that are aligned to the physical world throughout a large space.

Unreal Engine Engineer (B2B)
2019 1 Month

Leveraging Unreal Engine and ARKit, I developed a internal architectural pre-visualization application for iOS. Given extremely high resolution architectural CAD, I optimized, modeled, UV'd and textured the models for iOS using Houdini, Maya and Substance.

The Third Floor Inc
Unity Architect & Researcher (Staff)
2017 - 2019

Recently, I have been directing a team of artists and developers to produce state of the art interactive software for the top companies in theme park ride construction.

Mousetrappe Inc
Senior Developer (B2B)
2015 - 2017 2 years

Over the past few years, I've been delivering top tier VR pre-visualization experiences for Mousetrappe. These experiences are being used to pre-visualize projects currently in development at Industrial Light and Magic, Lucasfilm and Disney.

Madrone Studios
2017 6 Months

Leading all technical aspects of Madrone Studios and its affiliates. This involves designing and directing the development of software, including VR, AR, projection mapping, embedded programming and Android/iOS applications.

Polypulse LLC
2015 - Present

Polypulse is a research and development organization that delivers unique and immersive experiences for virtual reality, augmented reality and projection mapping.

Beaudry Interactive
Researcher and Developer (B2B)
2015 - 2016

I was contracted to research and develop multiple custom tools for Beaudry Interactive. These tools ranged from custom interfaces to depth sensors, network programming, Android applications and OpenGL implementation.

Virtual Reality Developer (B2B)
2016 - Present

I designed and developed a 360 VR movie player for Eccovr, this application was deployed for GearVR, HTC Vive, Oculus, Google Cardboard and Google Daydream and is currently being used at several production organizations.

Capture Interactive
Unity3D Developer (Staff)

During my time at Capture Interactive, I developed a wide range of Unity applications for General Electric GE. Some examples include custom interfaces for large scale touchscreen displays and multiplayer tablet experiences for museums.


I designed and instructed a course at Prince William Sound Community College. The purpose of this course was to teach students how to design and develop fun video games.

Crucial App Concepts
Unity Developer

I was contracted to perform modifications and implement features for Crucial App Concepts on several mobile games for Android and iOS.

Silicon Beach Media
Unity Developer

During my time at SBM, I collaborated with my co-workers to develop and release multiple mobile games using the Unity3D Game Engine.

Ocean Voyager
3D Artist

During my time at Ocean Voyager, I delivered high quality 3D models of ships for oil companies and I also developed some simple interactive pre-visualization tools using Unity3D so that our clients could explore their vessels.

Dr Rocket
Solo Game Project

Using the skills sets I developed at AIE, I designed and developed a mobile game for Android and iOS called Dr Rocket.

Game Development

After 2 years of studying game design, art and development, I received a certificate from the Academy of Interactive Entertainment in Sydney, Australia.